Strength of individual structural members in a cooling tower decrease over time. Years of service and continuous exposure to water are among the primary contributors. Other factors accelerating the decline in strength include excessive vibration, high wind load, biological attack and water chemistry. Maintaining the structural integrity of a cooling tower well above design values for strength is paramount in preventing catastrophic collapse. SPX Cooling Tech has the equipment and expertise to determine how the strength of structural members in a tower compare to their required design properties for a structurally safe cooling tower.

Before making decisions on costly repairs, it makes sense to obtain quantitative data to understand the condition and structural integrity. The capabilities at the SPX Cooling Technologies research center provide testing and analysis by professional engineers to help you make more informed decisions when it comes to budgeting cooling tower repair and maintenance work. Let our expertise help you extend the life of your cooling towers.


Destructive Testing

Testing performed to identify the characteristics of materials, verify material properties, and understand how materials fail. Test capabilities include tensile, compression, bending, impact, heat deflection and corrosion.

Translation of test measurements (by professional engineers) to compare current condition to tower design specifications.


As a cooling tower designer, SPX Cooling Tech is able to provide a deeper analysis by comparing test results to the engineering design standards. Many test labs can perform similar structural testing, but SPX can translate results into meaningful conclusions on the state of your cooling tower. Extending the life of your cooling tower is our underlying goal.


You’ll find a full suite of technical services available to help ensure your operation is efficient, optimized and compliant. Where applicable, our technicians and methodology abide by CTI and ASME guidelines; and regardless of process or procedure, our staff is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of quality and accuracy.

Ultimately, what SPX Cooling Tech offers is the peace of mind that over a century of cooling tower experience can bring. Because we design, engineer, manufacture, and service world class cooling tower brands, it only stands to reason we understand them better, inside and out.

When you need consultative technical services for your cooling towers—whether it’s to diagnose or upgrade individual units or entire systems—you need to remember only one name: SPX.