Marley has the cooling tower components, inventory, service network and performance quality to maintain a variety of tower designs and brands.

We design and manufacture cooling tower parts exclusively for cooling tower service, so we understand the importance of durable, high-quality replacement components capable of withstanding harsh tower environments.

Marley-engineered aftermarket parts are reliable and designed to optimize total system performance and help extend cooling tower service life. We know there’s more to replacement parts than just initial acquisition cost. When you consider performance, certification, reliability and convenience, Marley makes long-term sense.

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Cooling Tower Parts - Fans

Fans and Fan Cylinders

High-quality, efficient cooling tower fans specially developed in Kansas City, installed in cooling towers all around the world.

Couplings and Driveshafts

Marley mechanical components (couplings and driveshafts) are specifically designed for cooling tower duty.