NX Crossflow Nozzle

Cooling Tower Parts
Brand: Marley | Product Type: Cooling Tower Nozzles and Valves
NX Crossflow Nozzle


The Marley NX nozzle is used only on splash-fill crossflow towers where objects in the water supply create blockage in smaller nozzles.
Proof In Performance
NX nozzles are injection-molded, highimpact black polypropylene. Each nozzle is a single assembly with no moving parts.

The NX nozzle is the ideal solution for overflowing basin problems due to clogged nozzles in splash-fill, industrial crossflow cooling towers.

  A truly “clog-resistant” crossflow nozzle
  Nozzles are spaced on nominal 2′-0″ centers
  1.875″ and 2.5″ orifice diameters available
Genuine Marley OEM parts are precision-engineered to provide you with a reliable product. While other suppliers may offer parts at an initial savings, you risk lowering performance — and losing FM and CTI ratings. Marley OEM parts provide the durability you can trust because we design and manufacture them exclusively for cooling towers.

With plant operation relying on your cooling tower performance, it’s important to select the parts that are among the highest quality available — Marley OEM parts.