Copper Coil Insight
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Copper heat-exchange coils, used in Marley Fluid Coolers provide many distinct advantages.

Marley Insight – Ultra Quiet Fan
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The Ultra Quiet fan is designed for HVAC cooling tower applications where very low sound is a necessity. The wide chord blade design is well suited for low sound operation, delivering superior air flow and pressure capability at reduced speed.

Marley Insight – NC Sound Solutions
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For applications where sound reduction is imperative, Marley® NC® cooling towers are equipped with a choice of best-in-class low sound options.

Marley Insight – Comp-DS Driveshaft
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The Comp-DS is a completely new technologically advanced driveshaft design, intended to meet or exceed the most modern cooling tower specification requirements

Marley Insight – NCWD
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The Marley NCWD is an innovative, patented, factory assembled, hybrid cooling tower designed specifically for plume reduction.
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