Field-Erected Cooling Towers

for higher heat loads
Marley® Field-Erected Cooling Towers are specifically engineered for industrial process applications with high heat load demands, including:
  • Power generation
  • Oil and chemical refining
  • Heavy manufacturing and industrial operations

Marley field-erected cooling towers are available in both crossflow and counterflow designs, in a range of cell sizes, fill air travels, and fill heights to achieve optimum performance and operating economy. SPX design engineers review the owner’s specifications to optimally satisfy the fan horsepower, pump head, plan area, and other evaluation parameters to ensure that selected components work together efficiently. Computer modeling maximizes cooling from a given tower cell size for each set of design performance conditions.

Marley 600 Cooling Tower 3

Marley 600 Crossflow Cooling Towers

Marley 400 - 800MD - Unilite

Marley 400 Counterflow Cooling Towers

Marley Clearsky Plume Abatement 1

ClearSky Plume Abatement Technology

3 Reasons to Choose SPX Cooling Technologies for Cooling Tower Erection and Reconstruction Projects:

Operational Stability

SPX Cooling Technologies has the working capital and secure supply chain to execute essential construction projects, also backed by parent SPX Corporation (SPXC), a publicly traded company in a strong financial position.

Engineering resources are fully engaged to support your repair, reconstruction and new tower erection needs.

cooling tower construction

Construction Safety

Construction crews are ready to support both emergent needs and planned projects. Safety performance consistently beats industry standards and averages. /safety/
Marley Parts and Service

Components Inventory and Service

The expanded Marley Parts and Service center in Houston is well stocked with critical cooling tower components. Available for pick-up, delivery or installation.

Call on SPX Cooling’s rapid-response field service crews to conduct cooling tower inspections, repair and reconstruction projects. /marley-parts-service-facility/

cooling tower parts

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