Disc Anti Reversing Device

Cooling Tower Parts

Brand: Marley | Product Type: Cooling Tower Parts
Marley Disc Anti-Reversing Device

Product Details:

  Designed for all right-angle Geareducers
  Welded stainless steel assembly
  Can be field installed
  Prevents reverse rotation
Proof In Performance

The Marley external Disc Anti-Reversing Device (ARD) backstop is a custom designed, welded stainless steel assembly that is bolted directly to a Marley Geareducer® with input shaft diameters from 1.125″ up to 2.625″. Specifically designed for all right-angle Geareducer models the Disc ARD prevents reverse rotation of the fan, Geareducer and motor and can be field installed.

This anti-reversing device prevents standby fans from reverse rotation when duty fans are operating. It also helps eliminate damaging and costly fan “reverse windmilling.”

Under reverse rotation, the eccentric mass of the Disc ARD pawls extend away from the rotating disc and engages the stop bracket catch point, preventing the mechanical equipment from operating in reverse direction.