OVERVIEW The Marley SofTork™ MC Close Coupling is a flexible element, tire type coupling designed specifically for cooling tower applications.


Couplings consist of two cast ductile-iron, electro-galvanized hubs and clamp rings with stainless steel fasteners. The SofTork coupling has outstanding vibration dampening characteristics. The shock load cushioning is ideal for variable frequency drive applications and has a high degree of flexibility to accommodate misalignment.


Genuine Marley OEM parts are precision-engineered to provide you with a reliable product. While other suppliers may offer parts at an initial savings, you risk lowering performance — and losing FM and CTI ratings. Marley OEM parts provide the durability you can trust because we design and manufacture them exclusively for cooling towers.

With plant operation relying on your cooling tower performance, it’s important to select the parts that are among the highest quality available — Marley OEM parts.

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Marley MC Series Coupling Adjustment
  • Quiet operation

  • No axial separation of hubs

  • Corrosion resistant materials and coatings

  • Simple to install

  • Balancing not required at 1800 rpm

  • Fast and easy flexible element replacement

  • Accommodates misalignment in the angular and parallel directions as well as end float

  • Made in the USA


Marley Cooling Tower Parts