SPX Cooling Technologies UK Ltd.

Your EMEA Resource for Marley® Cooling Towers, Components, Aftermarket Services and Support

Based in Worcester, SPX Cooling Technologies UK Ltd. is our operations and manufacturing center for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Our experienced team of cooling tower maintenance and repair technicians are skilled at inspecting, repairing and renewing both factory-assembled and field-erected cooling towers to restore thermal performance, improve energy efficiency and extend service life.

We specialize in:
Inspections and Diagnostics | Preventive Maintenance and Repair |
OEM Component Replacement | Reconstruction | Tower Replacement

Additionally, our applications engineers and technical representatives understand local compliance requirements, including HSG274 (UK), BImSchG (Germany), and other sound and performance criteria.

Using our exclusive UPDATE™ Tower Selection Software, we can configure the correct cooling solution for your application from a broad range of products that are certified to Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and Eurovent standards.

Stephen Andrew, Parts and Service Manager
+44 1905 750270 | Stephen.Andrew@spx.com

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