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With a team of cooling tower experts across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), SPX Cooling Technologies UK Ltd. is available to help you and your customers with a variety of solutions for your mechanical systems. When you need help inspecting, repairing or renewing your factory-assembled (FAP) or field-erected (FEP) cooling towers, our team can assist you to ensure long-term, efficient performance, and limit energy and water use.

Offering a wide variety of cooling products from the world-renowned, 100-year-old Marley® brand, SPX Cooling Technologies UK focuses on finding the right solution for each customer’s needs, including products certified to Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) and Eurovent standards. And, our applications engineers and technical representatives understand local compliance requirements, including HSG274 (UK), BImSchG (Germany), and other sound and performance criteria.

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Featured EMEA Cooling Products: CTI and Eurovent Certified

EMEA NC Cooling Tower
Marley NC Series
EMEA CP Cooling Tower
CP Cooling Tower
EMEA Aquatower Cooling Tower

Marley Aquatower

EMEA MD Cooling Tower
Marley MD

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Cooling Tower Configuration Software

CoolSpec™ Selection Tool

CoolSpec™ Product Selector is a new, intuitive tool that compares and selects Marley® and Recold® brand evaporative cooling products – open-circuit and closed-circuit, crossflow and counterflow – cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers. Try CoolSpec™ here:

SPX Network Coverage in EMEA

Our Network Coverage

Our EMEA team is based in the UK, and serves the US, all of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia Pacific territories. Find your local Marley sales contact here: 

Marley Research and Development

Research and Development

From its inception, Marley has been committed to a strong research and development program that has, over the years, produced industry-leading technologies and innovations. The R&D Center, located in Kansas City has been the global technology hub for SPX product brands since its foundation in 1957.

Marley Centennial

Marley Centennial

2022 marked a century for the world-renowned evaporative cooling tower brand, Marley. And after 100 years, the Marley® brand and the company that produces and services the well-known products, SPX Cooling Tech, show no signs of slowing down. View the Centennial Timeline and learn more about Marley’s history here:

EMEA Cooling Tower Sales Team
EMEA Cooling Tower Sales Team
SPX EMEA Sales Teams

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