Field Erected, Factory Assembled


The Marley CP fiberglass, induced draft, counterflow cooling tower is the ideal solution for larger space-sensitive applications. Its corrosion resistant fiberglass construction makes it an excellent alternative to stainless steel cooling towers. While the choice of high performance, low clog, or splash fill options ensures the product flexibility to meet your exact water quality issues at the maximum efficiency possible. The CP cooling tower is factory fabricated and ships fully assembled or in modules for quick field assembly.


Mode of Operation
The CP tower is a mechanical-draft counterflow cooling tower. Hot water flows into the cooling tower through pipes to spray nozzles and is distributed uniformly above the cooling tower fill. The required cooling air is delivered by an induced-draft axial fan. The air absorbs the heat from the water by evaporation and convection.

Distribution System
The water distribution system is located above the fill and consists of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PP (polypropylene) piping. PP spray nozzles are designed to distribute the hot water uniformly in fine droplets over the fill.

The standard fill for clean water consists of glued PVC or welded PP film-fill packs. For dirty water applications with higher suspended solids content, PP or PE (polyethylene) trickle-grid type splash fill is available in different configurations. 

Mechanical Equipment
The cooling tower fan consists of FRP (fiber reinforced polyester) or aluminum axial fan blades with a steel fan hub mounted directly on the geared motor shaft. The fan blade pitch is adjustable at standstill to accommodate process conditions. The geared motor, designed specifically for cooling tower operation (100% humid hot air), is a low noise design and suitable for continuous operation with variable frequency drives (VFD). Geared motor and fan are mounted on an HDG (hot dip galvanized) steel or optional stainless steel support frame structure above the fan.

Multiple Cells Configuration
The CP cooling tower can be installed as a multicell in-line configuration. Each two adjacent cells have a one joint center wall. Back to back configurations are also available.


  • FRP water collection basin: Available with either bottom or side suction outlet, including an HDG basin support structure and outlet flange.
  • Electric basin heater: This electric immersion heater helps prevent freezing during cold weather.
  • Electric oil level switch: Allows gearbox oil level to be remotely monitored.
  • External lube line: Allows user to facilitate changing the gearbox oil.
  • Maintenance Platform: An HDG steel platform provides a stable work surface from which routine maintenance of the mechanical equipment can be performed even during operation.
  • Vibration switch:This option protects against mechanical failure should the tower experience high vibration levels by automatically shutting down the motor. Manual reset ensures inspection to correct root cause. Several models are available.
  • Ultra quiet fan: Wide-chord acoustic geometry fan design maximizes efficiency while significantly reducing sound levels.

    • Availability: Worldwide
    • GPM Range: 120 - 25000
    • The structural components of the CP cooling tower are designed in accordance to Eurocode 3 for steel structures (DIN EN 1993 together with its German national Annex).

    • Completely assembled without field welding

    • Open profiles reduce the risk of legionella contamination

    • Preassembled modular design

    • Hoisting of completed tower after assembly


    From factory assembled systems for HVAC applications to field erected towers for power and industrial operations, SPX Cooling Technologies can help you realize greater productivity and efficiency.


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