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The Marley DT Fluid Cooler is an induced-draft counterflow cooler. Its closed-circuit design keeps the process fluid in a clean closed loop. The fluid is cooled by recirculating water that flows over the outside of the heat transfer coils. Because the DT Fluid Cooler does not contain heat transfer fill media, it offers greater flexibility including higher dry operation capacity in cold weather. Other advantages include fewer components than open tower and plate heat exchanger (PHE) systems and lower fan energy costs compared to forced-draft coolers.

Broad Product Selection 
Choose from DT models in a wide range of footprints from 8.5’ x 9’ to 12’ x 18’ to meet your specific process cooling requirements.

Robust Construction
Strong galvanized steel houses high quality mechanical and heat transfer systems. Stainless steel component options, including heat transfer coils and water collection basin, allow customization to address the most demanding environmental and service life requirements.

Marley Geareducer® Drive
Genuine Marley mechanical system offers low maintenance costs and reliable performance with 5-year warranty. Belt drive option is also available.

PVC Louvers
Triple-pass inlet louvers control splash-out and sunlight exposure to the collection basin, limiting potential for algae growth. The PVC louvers also offer easy access to the collection basin from all sides.

Clog-Resistant Water Distribution System
Self-draining spray headers and large 17/8” orifice spray nozzles help prevent debris build-up and clogging. Self-draining spray headers limit potential icing.

High Efficiency Axial Fan
Adjustable pitch fan blades permit the maximum utilization of rated horsepower and optimal cooling tower performance.

Premium Efficiency Fan Motor
The TEFC 1.15 service factor motor is designed to Marley specifications and specially insulated for humid for cooling tower duty.

PVC Drift Eliminators
High-efficiency, triple-pass PVC eliminators limit drift losses and are easily removed for inspection.

Large Access Door
Door provides convenient access to mechanical system, drift eliminators, water distribution system and heat transfer coils.

Sound Reduction
The CTI-certified Marley DT Fluid Cooler comes standard with our low sound fan, suitable for most noise-sensitive situations. Multiple fan and attenuation options are available to meet more stringent sound requirements.

Marley Reliability
Heavy-duty construction, high-performance design and our five-year mechanical warranty ensure consistent cooling over a wide range of flow and temperature requirements.


Process fluid is pumped internally through the coils.

Recirculating water is pumped from the collection basin to the pressurized distribution system and is evenly distributed over the coils.

Heat is transferred from the process fluid to the recirculating water as it flows over the outside of the heat transfer coils.

Air induced through the fluid cooler evaporates a small portion of the recirculating water, rejecting heat to the atmosphere.


  • Availability: North America
  • GPM Range: 75 - 1800
  • CTI Certified

  • 45 - 265 nominal tons per cell

  • ASHRAE 90.1 compliant

  • OSHA compliant

  • Low sound fans standard on all models

  • Rugged G-235 galvanized steel standard with 300 series stainless steel component options

  • Available heat transfer coil materials: HDG steel and stainless steel

  • Triple pass inlet louvers and drift eliminators to conserve water

  • 5-year mechanical warranty


From factory assembled systems for HVAC applications to field erected towers for power and industrial operations, SPX Cooling Technologies can help you realize greater productivity and efficiency.


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