Marley Series 10 and Series 15

Crossflow, Field Erected Cooling Tower

Brand: Marley | Product Type: Cooling Tower

Product Details:

 Availability: Worldwide
GPM Range: 135-6720
 OSHA compliant
 Wind load modifications to meet Florida Building Code
 High seismic options for earthquake zones
 Ideal for paper, steel, or sugar mills, or where water temperatures exceed 140°F (60°C)
 5 year mechanical equipment warranty for most applications
What is a cooling tower?

Series 10 and Series 15 cooling towers are field constructed, splash fill, crossflow, wood cooling towers. They are designed to serve all normal cooling water systems including “dirty water” systems which would place the long term operation of a film-fill tower in jeopardy.

The Series 10 and 15 are designed for easy maintenance while operating, which is critical for dirty water applications. For over 50 years, they have set the standard for long term reliability under the worst conditions.

Lower operating costs: Adjustable pitch fans with true airfoil blades and 98% efficient Geareducer drive assure maximum utilization of applied fan power. Computer-optimized fill configurations and low-pressure drop drift eliminators afford maximum cooling with minimum power input. Gravity flow water distribution minimizes pump power requirements.

Lower maintenance costs: Heavy-duty aluminum alloy or fiber-reinforced epoxy fans, cast-iron Geareducers, and stainless steel driveshafts require only periodic maintenance. Low-maintenance materials are used throughout the cooling tower. Widely-spaced splash fill helps prevent clogging. The fill area is readily accessible for cleaning.

Five-year drivetrain warranty—Most Applications: What other manufacturer will guarantee your tower’s mechanical equipment for five full years? You’ll save valuable equipment maintenance dollars.

Proven Performance: Marley stands by its responsibility for reliable thermal performance. We designed it. We rate it. We guarantee it!

Single-source parts availability: All tower components except the electric motors are designed, manufactured, and guaranteed by SPX Cooling Technologies. You always know who to call for any parts you need. You’re also assured that all components of the cooling tower will work together, because they were designed to work together.

Flexible Cooling Capacity: Twenty-four tower models with capacities to 6720 GPM per fan cell, provide the flexibility to fit almost any job. Greater cooling tower capacity is available with multiple fan-cells.

Extremely Low Drift: XCEL® drift eliminators really get rid of the costly nuisance of drift spotting on objects around the tower. The corrosion resistance of PVC assures you that you may never have to replace eliminators for the life of the cooling tower. Herringbone wood drift eliminators are available for certain applications that may encounter high temperatures or a high potential for clogging.

Longer Service Life: Pressure-treated Douglas Fir structure and splash-fill bars, FRP fill support grids, PVC drift eliminators, and all other cooling tower components are designed for years of service.

Fan Design: is optimized for the static pressure imposition and airflow requirements of the tower.

Fan Cylinders: and their associated eased inlets, augment fan operation.

Fill and Fan Combinations: are mutually supportive for maximum thermal performance in system configuration.

Nozzles and Water Distribution: systems provide uniform fill coverage without excessive contribution to air pressure losses.

The Geareducer: provides consistently optimum fan speeds, and operates reliably in a saturated air/vapor mixture of corrosive nature.

Fan Motors: are designed to Marley specifications for extra demands of cooling tower duty. Motors are insulated with extra protection from moisture.

Driveshafts: are designed to absorb operational shock loads, thereby increasing the service life of these critical components.

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