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Brand: Recold | Product Type: Adiabatic Cooling Systems
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Product Details:

Availability: North America

Conserves Water
Requires minimal onsite water usage compared to evaporative cooling options

Saves Energy
Limits onsite energy consumption versus air-cooled solutions

Extends Efficiency
Unique recirculating water system improves adiabatic efficiency, limits scaling and helps extend pad life

Flexible Operation
Offers operators a user-friendly control system to regulate water/energy usage

Built For Quality
Quality materials and robust construction, designed for lasting performance

OlympusV (pronounced o-lym-pus-vee) = Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece, steeped in power and mythology + the letter V, a letter that symbolizes movement, progress and velocity, and references the coil pattern of adiabatic systems

The Recold® OlympusV™ Adiabatic Series balances the water-saving benefits of an air-cooled heat rejection system with the energy efficiency of a water-cooled solution to provide flexible cooling  for operators and engineers of commercial or industrial refrigeration systems. OlympusV adiabatic cooling products are designed to provide a reliable heat rejection solution in various conditions – even in hot, dry environments – and are highly effective in both water conservation (dry) and energy conservation (wet) modes.

Delivered with intuitive, smart controls designed to save your facility energy and water based on your specific operating conditions, OlympusV could be the right refrigeration solution to take your system to new heights.

Two Ways to Cool Your Process:

The OlympusV adiabatic series from Recold allows you the option to operate with or without water, utilizing only the fans during off-peak times or employing water over the adiabatic pads when operating conditions require additional cooling assistance. Two main modes of operation are Water Conservation Mode or Energy Conservation Mode.

Water Conservation Mode: Fans are prioritized as heat load increases to minimize evaporation and save water.

Energy Conservation Mode: Water is prioritized as heat load increases to reduce fan power and save energy.

Designed for Efficiency and Ease of Use:

Recold OlympusV Selling Points

1. EC Fans: High efficiency, factory-installed EC fans deliver reliable performance, minimize sound with their quiet operation, and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

2. Intuitive Controls: CoolBoost Opti AD smart controls come standard, allowing users to adjust water and energy usage based on the needs of their unique operating conditions.

3. Stainless Steel Coils: Corrosion-resistant stainless steel coils with aluminum fins optimized for a variety of applications, including CO2, ammonia and other refrigerants.

4. Extended Pad Life: Unique recirculating water distribution methods designed to help improve performance and reduce scale for more efficient cooling.

5. Quality Steel Construction: Stainless steel in wet areas of all units, with optional upgrade to full stainless steel casing, and backed by more than 100 years of innovative heat rejection design and decades of experience in hybrid cooling technologies.

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