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SGS Refrigeration Product Line

Library, Manuals
SGS industrial evaporators and evaporative condensers are designed and built to meet a broad range of industrial refrigeration applications with a clear focus on product quality and customer service.

Reflex Fan Cylinder

Brochures, Library
Velocity recovery, particularly in large fan cylinders, is vital to overall fan efficiency. It is accomplished by a gradual increase in the diameter of the fan cylinder above the fan.

Cooling Tower Long Term Storage

Library, White Papers
When placing a cooling tower into long term storage (generally considered one month or longer) there are some basic but critical maintenance steps.

Classifying Cooling Towers

Engineering Data, Library
The cooling tower industry has devised several ways to classify cooling towers to make comparing them for various applications easier. This paper outlines these different classifications.

Fluid Cooler Cold Weather Operation

Library, Technical Papers
Preparing a fluid cooler for cold weather operation or shutdown season is similar to an open cooling tower, but with additional requirements. This paper discusses special considerations needed for cold weather operation and freeze protection for fluid coolers.

Pump Flow vs. Gravity Flow

Library, Technical Papers
Is the cooling tower operating on pump flow or gravity flow? This question is often misunderstood and sometimes results in hydraulic or scope issues that could have been easily avoided.

Use of Vibration Isolators

Library, Technical Papers
Vibration isolators are used with cooling towers as a method to reduce the transmission of vibration, produced by rotating mechanical equipment or water flow, into or within a building structure.