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Vibration Troubleshooting Guide

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Early detection and inspection of the cooling tower to find the source of the vibration (shaft misalignment, broken gear teeth, imbalances etc.) are key to avoiding downtime and more serious structural damage.

Tips for Establishing Need and Collection of Comprehensive Vibration Data

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Monitoring new and existing cooling towers for vibration is critical to maintaining long term performance. As with any rotating or moving mechanical equipment, vibration on the cooling tower structure and noise associated with the drive system is to be expected. Compared to other mechanical equipment, cooling tower excitation forces are at relatively low rotational speeds.

Addressing Fan Sound in Crossflow and Counterflow Cooling Towers

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Quieter cooling tower operation is critical as more stringent sound standards are adopted by facilities and communities. Minimizing sound from the fan is often the first step. However, lowering fan sound alone is not equally beneficial for all cooling tower configurations. It is important to understand when minimizing fan sound is the best option to achieve the desired sound level.