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Fluid Cooler Cold Weather Operation

Library, Technical Papers
Preparing a fluid cooler for cold weather operation or shutdown season is similar to an open cooling tower, but with additional requirements. This paper discusses special considerations needed for cold weather operation and freeze protection for fluid coolers.

Pump Flow vs. Gravity Flow

Library, Technical Papers
Is the cooling tower operating on pump flow or gravity flow? This question is often misunderstood and sometimes results in hydraulic or scope issues that could have been easily avoided.

Use of Vibration Isolators

Library, Technical Papers
Vibration isolators are used with cooling towers as a method to reduce the transmission of vibration, produced by rotating mechanical equipment or water flow, into or within a building structure.

Understanding Plume Point

Library, White Papers
Visible plume is a cloud of pure water vapor produced by a cooling tower. It occurs when warm, moist discharge air is cooled by the ambient air.

Crossflow vs. Counterflow Cooling Towers

Library, White Papers
Crossflow and counterflow are two ways to describe how air moving through a cooling tower interacts with the process water being cooled and their fundamental differences.

COVID-19 Communication

Corporate Publications, Library
We Are Open and Manufacturing Plants Remain in Operation as part of “Essential Services to Support Critical Infrastructure”.

SGS IEC Series Evaporative Condenser

Brochures, Library
The new SGS IEC Series answers your need for an industrial evaporative condenser that is precision engineered, carefully manufactured and easy to install.
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