Marley ABH (Advanced Basin Heater) Control Panel

Cooling Tower Parts
Brand: Marley | Product Type: Cooling Tower Controls
Marley ABH Control Panel


Operations personnel now have the ability to immediately view temperature and adjust set points for optimized cooling tower operation and predictive maintenance.

The Marley® ABH (Advanced Basin Heater) Control Panel controls on/off operation of the cold water basin heater(s) and prevents freezing in cold environments.

Proof In Performance
The Marley ABH Control Panel is built for cooling tower applications and includes upgraded components for circuit protection, personnel safety, adjustability and output status points for connection to remote monitoring systems.


  • Solid-state set point controller with display shows temperature set point and cold water temperature, which allows operator to adjust set points manually from the door of the enclosure or remotely from a BMS.
  • A thermal magnetic circuit breaker disconnect is standard – providing electrical protection for the control panel and power wiring.
  • The heater element push-to-test circuit provides the operator with an easy means to test heater functionality during summer months in preparation for cold weather.
  • Marley PT-100 temperature RTD is industrial-rated, providing accurate measurements with the ability to extend wiring long distances.
  • Built-in low water cutout circuit ensures the high-density heater element is covered with water before being energized, protecting the heater from burn-out.
  • Remote set-point adjustability and remote run-enable feature allow free cooling or cooling loop preheat applications.
  • Output status contacts for BMS communication module determines contactor closure and heater element functionality.
  • Industrial-hardened components are dependable and reduce field callbacks.
  • NEMA 4X fiberglass enclosure with a swing-and-latch lid withstands harsh environments.
  • Optional 4-20mA module transmits cold-water temperature for use by a remote BMS.

The ABH control panel can be integrated into other systems, including the Marley AIO (All-in-One) Control Panel, CAN-DO motor starter panel and SPPC control panel. It is also adaptable to various process applications, including plate-and-frame heat exchangers and cooling loop pre-heaters.

  On-Off operation provides freeze protection
  Push-to-test button tests heater capability
  Transmitter module for remote monitoring optional
  Programmable in the field
  NEMA 4X fiberglass outdoor enclosure
  Lockout/Tagout provisions provided