Recold JC Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser

Brand: Recold | Product Type: Evaporative Condenser

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Product Details:

  Low Profile Forced Draft Evaporative Condenser
 Availability: North America
Thermal Capacity: 300 – 7875 MBH
Low height, easy to hide
Great maintenance access
Corrosion resistant copper coils standard
OSHA Compliant

The Recold JC is a low noise, forced draft, centrifugal fan design with a weight saving, corrosion free copper coil all in a low height configuration.
The Recold JC is a low noise, forced draft, centrifugal fan design with a weight saving, corrosion free copper coil all in a low height configuration. This Evaporative Condenser is a ruggedly built unit constructed to provide many years of durable, dependable service with minimal maintenance requirements. Its low profile design simplifies integration into architectural designs and can be placed indoors. Quality materials and workmanship are a key factor in meeting this objective. All units are completely factory assembled and tested to ensure a quick and easy installation with no startup problems. By using the superior characteristics of copper, The JC Evaporative Condenser becomes the most cost-effective solution to commercial freon condensing projects.

Recold’s JC Evaporative Condenser utilizes the efficiency of evaporative cooling, along with the superior corrosion and heat transfer characteristics of copper to efficiently condense a given refrigerant from a hot gas into a cool liquid. Hot refrigerant vapor travels through the inside of the copper coil as cold water is sprayed over the exterior of the coil. Fresh air is forced up through the exterior of the coil while cold water is sprayed down over the coil in an efficient counterflow arrangement. Heat from the refrigerant is transferred to the spray water causing the refrigerant condenses from a gas to a liquid. Heat from the spray water is discharged through the atmosphere through evaporation of the spray water. The unit ships completely factory assembled with optional accessories factory installed unless specified otherwise.

Copper Heat Exchange Coil
Recold’s copper coils offer the advantage of superior corrosion resistance at an affordable price. During manufacturing, the copper coil surface quickly providing a barrier from the corrosive effects of a warm, wet environment. Other manufacturers use materials that are heavier and more prone to corrosion. Copper coils are 30 to 40 percent lighter than comparable galvanized steel coils.

Combining Recold’s 5/8 inch diameter tube with copper’s high thermal conductivity characteristics provides for far better heat transfer properties than heavy wall galvanized steel. In the event of coil damage, copper can be easily repaired with Recold’s optional external header, while galvanized steel coils are almost impossible to repair.

Coil tube bundle is constructed of 5/8 inch O.D. copper tubing with stainless steel tube sheets and copper headers. The copper construction offers a noncorrosive coil for extended service life. The high quality virgin copper tube conforms with the highest standards in quality control to guard against pitting and defects.

Superior Construction
The Recold J series uses Stainless Steel Collection Basins as a standard on all models. All collection basin parts exposed to the circulating water including attaching hardware and all basin options are heavy-gauge series 300 stainless steel. Additionally, all internal structural members are fabricated from series 300 stainless steel. The balance of the tower components, casing and mechanical support are fabricated from heavy mill galvanized steel.

All tower components are mounted on a rigid steel skid allowing unparalleled stability and easy installation. Optional components such as pump stations or tower controls are also mounted on the skid as well, reducing costly field assembly labor hours for these auxiliary systems.

Water Circulation System
Water circulation pump is a close coupled, bronze fitted centrifugal type with mechanical seal. Each pump is factory mounted and piped. Standard motor is open drip-proof suitable for outdoor service. Recirculating water is piped directly over the coil, which rejects heat through evaporative cooling using the fresh air stream and spray water. There is no fill media to foul up or clean.

Water Make-Up
Recold’s unique water make-up is provided by a solid brass float valve with arm and float ball installed in an external float box. This allows for stable, trouble free operation, easy observation of the water operating level and maintenance of the valve with unit in operation.

Fan Section
The centrifugal fan is forward curved, statically and dynamically balanced and constructed of galvanized steel. The fan housing has curved inlet rings for efficient air entry and discharge into the pan. The forward curved centrifugal fans operate at low RPMs offering quiet operation and long service life.

Fans are mounted on a solid steel shaft coated to resist corrosion. Heavy duty, pillow block type, self-aligning ball bearings are located at each end of the fan shaft. Extended lube lines are supplied as standard equipment to allow servicing bearings without removal of fan guard screens.

Fan Motors
Fan motors furnished as standard equipment are open drip-proof type suitable for outdoor service. Motors have a 1.15 service factor and are mounted on a heavy duty adjustable base located for easy access. As a standard, the unit uses an energy efficient NEMA framed ODP fan motor suitable for outdoor service.

Fan Guard Screens
All moving parts are protected with OSHA approved galvanized steel screens. Each guard is easily removed for access to the fan.

Drift Eliminators
Eliminators are constructed of PVC assemblies in removable, easy to handle sections. Each section has a three break design allowing three changes in air flow and measure approximately 5 inches in depth. The use of durable PVC eliminates the corrosion problems associated with galvanized eliminators.

Access Doors
Large rectangular access doors are strategically located to provide access to both upper water distribution system and lower pan basin. The patented doors provide a complete air and water tight seal without the use of gaskets or fasteners.

Discrete Spray System
In the unlikely event that the circulation pump fails, the evaporative condenser capacity plummets to between 10-20% of design capacity. Recold has developed an optional Emergency Discrete Spray System that can automatically switch from the standard spray system to the emergency system, providing approximately 85-90% capacity at design conditions, while the pump is repaired/replaced.

Dual Fan Motor System
For energy conscious users that also require back-up capability, the Recold J series unit also offers the Recold optional Dual Fan Motor System which combines the standard full capacity motor with a much smaller motor. The lower speed fan motor will provide between 65-70% design capacity at approximately 1/8th the horsepower. This secondary motor can also be used as a back-up in the event that the primary motor ever fails. A necessity when the loss of a unit results in spoiled meat and melted ice cream. Running the low speed fan motor results in significant dB noise reduction perfect for noise sensitive locations.

Control Systems
Recold can accommodate control systems ranging in sophistication from standard fan starts and disconnects to Programmable Logic Controllers that work in conjunction with your building or process system. Control options such as variable speed drives provides the ultimate in temperature control, energy management, sound control and mechanical equipment longevity. Solid State water level controls monitor basin water level with solenoid-valve water makeup. Configurations include makeup along with high and low water level alarm and cutoff and electric basin heater cutoff. Consult your local representative for Recolds extensive array of controls.