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Industrial refrigeration equipment engineered to keep its cool

Installed in facilities across the world, SGS Refrigeration manufactures evaporative condensers and industrial evaporators that are known for their durability, efficiency and reliability. Manufactured in the heart of the United States, and backed by a company with 100+ years of experience in industrial process cooling, SGS products are the easy choice when designing a new facility, replacing existing units or looking for parts and components for aging refrigeration equipment.

The SGS Refrigeration team is experienced in the needs of a variety of facilities. Our specialties include: Food & Beverage, Cold Storage, Meat & Dairy Processing, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Testing Facilities.

SGS’s wide network of qualified experts make it easy to get help in your area when you need it. Contact us today to find the right equipment for your project and/or to discuss your refrigeration needs.

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