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Brand: Marley | Product Type: Water Management Product
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Product Details:

 Availability: North America
Designed specifically for Factory-Assembled Cooling Towers
 CD System and SP System available for cooling towers, fluid coolers and evaporative condensers
  BasinGard available for crossflow cooling towers
  Consult knowledgeable water treatment provider for specific treatment plan
 Accessories: stand, cabinet

Water management is a crucial step to maintaining cooling tower hygiene.

See how MarleyGard Water Management and Tower Protection Tools help cooling tower owners and water treatment professionals be proactive.

Maintaining healthy cooling tower water conditions is important for overall cooling efficiency. To support effective cooling tower water management plans, SPX Cooling Technologies introduced MarleyGard™ water management products and tower protection services.

The MarleyGard CD Chemical Delivery System is a robust control panel that facilitates delivery of cooling tower treatment agents and monitoring of cooling tower water quality. Professional water treaters should be consulted to perform chemical delivery services.

The MarleyGard SP Sweeper Piping System, installed in a cooling tower’s cold water basin to help remove sediment and debris, discourages “slow-flow” areas and helps prevent biofilm formation and bacterial growth.

The BasinGard™ Filter maintains the cooling tower’s hot water basin flow by capturing mineral scale, pipe rust, fibers and debris. Its patent-pending filter is infused with silver-based biocide, offering antimicrobial benefits to help maintain cooling tower hygiene. Because it ensures free flow of water to the nozzles – even with up to 75% heavy debris blockage – the BasinGard Filter reduces the risk of basin overflow, guards against premature component replacement and helps maintain cooling tower performance.

Extend™ Cooling Tower Warranty Programs ensure Marley® Cooling Towers and components perform consistently and reliably well beyond standard warranty periods. Extend the life of your cooling tower with Routine Inspections, Preventive Maintenance, Replacement Parts and Repair Services.

Through proactive monitoring and treatment, MarleyGard Water Management and Tower Protection Tools help cooling tower operators take a proactive approach to challenging issues surrounding scale, corrosion, microorganisms and water conservation.

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