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Cooling Tower Long Term Storage

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When placing a cooling tower into long term storage (generally considered one month or longer) there are some basic but critical maintenance steps.

Understanding Plume Point

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Visible plume is a cloud of pure water vapor produced by a cooling tower. It occurs when warm, moist discharge air is cooled by the ambient air.

Crossflow vs. Counterflow Cooling Towers

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Crossflow and counterflow are two ways to describe how air moving through a cooling tower interacts with the process water being cooled and their fundamental differences.

Geareducer Lubricants

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It is critical to the operational life of a transmission to utilize a satisfactory lubricant that includes the correct viscosity grade and additives.

Cooling Tower Performance – Drift

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All evaporative cooling products, where air and water come into direct contact, experience some level of drift. Drift is defined as liquid water droplets from the recirculating flow entrained in the discharge air stream.

Variable Flow over Cooling Towers

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There may be significant energy savings opportunities if the cooling tower can be operated under variable flow in off-peak conditions. Variable flow is a way to maximize the effectiveness of the installed tower capacity for whatever flow the process has.