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Forward-Thinking School Installs LW Fluid Coolers

Case Studies Cooling Tower Installation

To reduce the heat of their process fluids, the school would need two LW units. The units were hoisted into position using a crane that reached 200+ ft. into the air to install the fluid coolers onto a newly created platform atop the school’s roof.

Data Center Cooling Tower

Evaporative Cooling Towers in the Data Center Process

Case Studies Informational

The massive computing power within data centers generates heat, making efficient cooling a key building system requirement. Evaporative cooling towers are an integral part of many data center cooling systems.

Cooling tower video

Didcot B Power Station Repair

Case Studies Cooling Tower Installation

Follow our Time Lapse video as SPX repairs Didcot B Power Station’s cooling tower cells to their original design following an unfortunate fire that severely damaged more than three cells.

Cooling tower videos

301L vs 304 Stainless Steel

Case Studies

The type of steel used in the construction of your cooling tower makes a difference. In this video, we’ll discuss the advantages of using 301L stainless steel in your Marley cooling tower.

Cooling tower videos

Marley® M Series Geareducer® Installation

Case Studies Cooling Tower Maintenance Cooling Tower Parts

When this customer’s gearboxes started to experience vibration and gear damage, they called in Marley for reinforcements. Watch how easily the old gearboxes were replaced with Marley gear drives in this video.

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