Marley MC Fluid Cooler

Evaporative Fluid Cooler

Brand: Marley | Product Type: Evaporative Fluid Cooler
Marley MC Fluid Cooler 1
Marley MC Fluid Cooler 2
Marley MC Fluid Cooler 3

Product Details:

  Forced Draft Counterflow Closed Circuit Fluid Cooler
  Availability: Worldwide
 Thermal Capacity: 10 – 186 tons (44 – 818 kW) per cell
 Flow Range: 30 – 860 gpm (7 – 195 m3/hr) per cell
  External static pressure capability
  Centrifugal fan – high fan energy use
  Not recommended for outdoor installations
 OSHA Compliant

The Marley MC steel forced draft counterflow fluid cooler is the ideal solution for sound- and space-sensitive applications.
Low Maintenance
Unlike most forced draft fluid coolers, the Marley MC Fluid Cooler utilizes large access doors for easy entry and exit. In addition this configuration provides easy access to the motors and fans from grade.

Quiet by Design
All Marley MC Fluid Coolers are designed for low sound levels by utilizing centrifugal fans and a fully contained water splash zone. In addition, For those applications where sound is more of a concern than typical, consider air inlet or outlet attenuation for the ultimate in quiet tower operation.

Long Life Construction
Rugged G235 heavy mill galvanized steel (G600 in Europe/Z600 China) is standard with S300 series stainless steel as an optional upgrade to part or the entire tower structure. ISO certified plants assure quality factory-assembly.

Steel Construction
MC Steel Fluid Cooler use heavy-mill galvanized steel or 300 series stainless steel for high-performance under any operating conditions.

High Performance Inside and Out
Low-sound forward curved centrifugal fans overcome the static pressure imposed by external ductwork for quiet indoor operation
Fully-enclosed falling splash zone water area ensures low noise
Air movement system is belt-driven by means of wedge-belts sized for 150 percent of the nominal power
Water distribution system includes PVC lateral subsidiary pipes and low-clog polypropylene nozzles
Low air resistance keeps power consumption to a minimum
Factory-design tested and rated sound attenuators available for air inlet and discharge

What every premium installation demands:

Low energy consumption: fluid cooling equipment minimizes the energy consumption of the entire system because it provides lower operating temperatures — saving money while conserving natural resources.

Low noise: centrifugal fans, a fully-enclosed falling water area and optional sound attenuation create one of the quietest fluid cooler configurations on the market.

Smaller footprint: forced-draft counterflow design requires considerably less plan area than crossflow towers.

Ease of maintenance: an extra large entry panel makes the interior of the unit easy to access for service and maintenance. For even greater access, the motor and drive are located outside the plenum area near the grade.