This year marked a century for the world-renowned evaporative cooling tower brand, Marley. And after 100 years, the Marley® brand and the company that produces and services the well-known products, SPX Cooling Tech, show no signs of slowing down. With new leadership, cutting-edge innovations and exciting projects, the business continues to push the cooling tower industry in the right direction, all while looking back at the Marley traditions before them.

In 2022, SPX Cooling released Aero-X™ coil technology for the Marley DT Fluid Cooler, introduced a new President of Global Cooling and manufactured cooling towers for landmark projects, like the Trevor Day School in New York City, which utilizes a sustainable, forward-thinking geothermal energy pile HVAC system.

New Aero-X Coil Technology Expands Dry Operation Flexibility of Marley DT Fluid Cooler

In early 2022, SPX Cooling Tech started incorporating new proprietary Aero-X coil technology into its induced-draft, closed-circuit DT Fluid Coolers. The Aero-X tube profile maximizes thermal capacity per coil row thanks to the lowest air-side pressure drop (up to 10% more airflow at the same fan HP) and maximum heat transfer surface area.

Dry operation is extended for longer periods with switch point temperatures up to 10°F + higher than other similar closed-circuit cooling towers. Depending on climate, operators can gain up to 15-20% more incremental annual hours in dry mode, with 3,000 gallons/ton and $40/ton annual water savings per ton of cooling achievable in many areas. Optional finned coils further enhance dry operation capability at higher ambient temperatures.

SPX Cooling Introduces Sean McClenaghan as President, Global Cooling

SPX announced a big change for the future of the Marley brand with the appointment of Sean McClenaghan as President, Global Cooling and an Executive Officer of SPX Technologies. As President, McClenaghan will lead the team at SPX Cooling Tech, the entity responsible for manufacturing a variety of cooling products, including Marley, Recold, SGS Refrigeration and more.

McClenaghan brings over 25 years of extensive executive leadership experience to the SPX team. He joins SPX from Reliance Worldwide Corporation (RWC), where he served as Chief Executive Officer of RWC Americas. Before joining RWC in 2014, he spent over fifteen years in various strategic consulting and business development roles. He began his career with DuPont, holding several operational and management positions. McClenaghan holds a Master in Business Administration from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.

Vertical Campus in Manhattan Incorporates Marley Fluid Coolers into Cutting-Edge HVAC System

Back in 2015, the school completed a new state-of-the-art vertical campus building in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The project earned LEED Gold certification and won a 2016 AIA WHV High Honor Award. Part of the building’s sustainability initiatives was the school’s HVAC system: the building would be heated and cooled with a closed-loop energy pile geothermal system, one of the first systems of its kind in the U.S.

When Trevor Day School needed to expand its heating/cooling abilities in 2022, the project engineers turned to SPX Cooling Tech for a solution. The project team chose to install induced-draft, closed-circuit Marley LW Fluid Coolers for more efficient heat rejection. Designed to be installed quickly and in a smaller footprint, Marley LW towers are delivered with factory-installed controls, factory wired and tested and are equipped with ultra-efficient, corrosion-resistant copper coils.

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