Overland Park, Kan. – SPX Cooling Tech, LLC, a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers, fluid coolers and more, has introduced OlympusV™ (pronounced o-lym-pus-vee) Adiabatic Systems, a series of adiabatic cooling products designed to provide a flexible cooling solution for operators and engineers of commercial refrigeration, industrial refrigeration, HVAC or industrial process systems.

The series consists of three products, each available in various sizes and coil type based on application. The products include Recold® OlympusV CO2 Cooler, Recold OlympusV Condenser and Marley® OlympusV Fluid Cooler.

“OlympusV adiabatic cooling products balance the water-saving benefits of an air-cooled heat rejection system with the energy efficiency of a water-cooled solution to provide more flexible cooling,” explained Marshal Zabel, Senior Global Product Manager with SPX Cooling. “These products typically operate dry a majority of annual hours, limiting site water use to only those times when ambient temperatures and cooling loads are at their highest.”

Each unit is delivered with user-friendly, smart controls allowing operators to adjust water and energy usage based on the needs of their unique operating conditions. The CoolBoost™ Opti AD control panel allows operators to choose between Water Conservation Mode and Energy Conservation Mode, each of which prioritizes savings of the associated onsite resource during peak cooling loads.

“These products can be effectively applied in a variety of conditions, even in hot and dry environments, because of their flexible operating modes,” added Zabel. “And they can help engineers and operators in a variety of markets, from grocery facilities to food processing to data center applications.”

Other design features include electronically commutated (EC) fans for reduced maintenance and sound, stainless steel coils for durable performance, and a unique recirculating water distribution system designed to help improve performance and reduce scale for extended adiabatic pad life.

Customers interested in learning more about the OlympusV Adiabatic Series for their particular needs can get information at spxcooling.com/OlympusV. For questions about the adiabatic series of products, or to get a quote, contact a nearby SPX Cooling product representative.

OlympusV Adiabatic Cooling Tower