Overland Park, Kan. – SPX Cooling Tech, LLC, a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, has introduced the Marley® CoolBoost™ Opti FC Control Panel, a new and intuitive control system designed for Marley MH and DT fluid cooler models. CoolBoost Opti FC gives users the ability to optimize their system’s performance with flexible operating modes designed to conserve energy or water, depending on the selected mode.

“The modern features of the CoolBoost Opti FC interface – the touchscreen and the easy-to-use comprehensive status view – are almost enough to distract from its most-impressive feature: it allows operators to select dry-priority or wet-priority modes for saving water or energy, when necessary,” explained Aaron Todd, Product Development Lead with SPX Cooling Tech.

The control panel gives operators the option to choose one of four modes: Wet First, Dry First, Wet Only or Dry Only. Wet First and Dry First modes allow users to setup a staging effect for when the pump and fan are turned on and off based on system requirements and environmental factors. Wet Only and Dry Only modes let the fluid cooler operate without the use of the pump or the fan respectively.

Other features of the control panel include an integral PLC for selectable control options – including Auto, Hand and Off – and BMS integration capabilities that allow for remote or local system control. The CoolBoost Opti FC panel is also BACnet communication compatible, simplifying integration into BMS systems for monitoring, control and saving historical data.

“Another big plus for CoolBoost Opti FC users is its single-point power connection, which eliminates panel design time and could save significant installation hours, and the electrician costs associated with them,” added Todd.

The control panel itself is constructed with a NEMA 3R painted enclosure – or can be made as optional NEMA 4X fiberglass or stainless-steel enclosure – that includes external disconnect handle with padlocking provision to meet lockout/tagout safety requirements. It is built to UL508 and cUL508 safety requirements. A protective cover is also provided to guard the HMI screen from the elements.

The CoolBoost Opti FC Control Panel is available now with select Marley fluid coolers. To learn more about the product and its abilities for your closed-circuit cooling system, visit /coolboostopti or contact your SPX cooling representative.

CoolBoost demonstration