Overland Park, Kan. SPX Cooling Technologies, Inc., a full-line, full-service industry leader in the design and manufacture of evaporative cooling towers and air-cooled heat exchangers, will showcase its mobile display trailer with displays of field-erected cooling tower components during the upcoming Fuel Ethanol Workshop, June 10-12, 2019, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Additionally, on June 12 at 3:30 p.m., SPX Sales Manager Kent Martens will present “Cooling Tower Fundamentals” as part of the panel discussion, “Mechanical and Biological Considerations for Ensuring Plant Cooling Towers are Operating at Peak Efficiency.

Visitors to SPX Booth 2041 can tour the display trailer and compare the quality and design of Marley® components with other OEM products in side-by-side, hands-on displays. The mobile trailer highlights several Marley innovations, including the Marley M Series Geareducer
® Gear Drive, Comp-DS Driveshaft, HP7000 Fan and a range of heat transfer fill types. 

Designed to fit directly into non-Marley cooling towers for easy replacement, the M Series Geareducer
® gear drive features gears of high strength, case-hardened alloy steel machined to AGMA Quality Class 9 and above. It has heavy-duty double row bearings for 100,000 hours of life or more. To further extend service life, its finned exterior and large oil passageways help maintain lower oil temperatures. The M Series Geareducer gear drive operates without the addition of adapters, oil pumps, filters or coolers.

The Marley Comp-DS Driveshaft offers a high-performance, lightweight and low-maintenance alternative to steel driveshafts. Marley’s patented, carbon-fiber flexible elements with slip-fit, stainless steel hubs are easy to install and align. All materials are chosen specifically for cooling tower duty and to provide maximum protection against corrosion and UV damage.

The Marley HP7000 Fan features a unique flared-tip design that creates a performance advantage by aiding air movement next to the fan cylinder wall. The airfoil is optimized to move more air with less effort than fans with straight blade tips. Also offering reduced drag loss, the HP7000 Fan results in a nine percent power reduction compared to another OEM fan on display in the mobile trailer.

The mobile trailer also showcases heat transfer fill media types suitable for a range of water qualities. Scaled-down cross-sections of Marley F400 counterflow and F600 crossflow towers illustrate design and component differences of each tower type.

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